Vashti combines a depth of business experience with a personal passion for developing people and helping them to extract their own ideal career path. During a pivotal and confusing crossroad in my career, Vashti helped me to work through the decision process which allowed me to not only move forward into a new career path but also understand why I was doing it. Vashti's approach is very personal and she went out of her way to ensure I made a positive decision working with me for weeks beyond our formal session. Both individuals and teams will benefit from the coaching approach used by Vashti.

Jennie Geisker

Founder & Creative Director of Geisker, Designer shirts for Women

Vashti has a natural talent as a life coach. I was unsure of what to expect with this consultation but left feeling amazing as I felt focused, revitalised and with some great tools to help me on my way. I felt comfortable talking to her and have already recommended her to family and friends.


Owner of Interior Design business

Vashti has been coaching me for the past 6 months and I have been so happy that I signed up for another 6 months. Working with Vashti has been the best business and personal investment that I have ever made in myself.  I came to Vashti at a time where I felt my limiting beliefs were holding me back in my ability to skyrocket my business and grow personally. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has now completely changed. Within the first 2 sessions of working with Vashti, I was able to secure the biggest client I have ever had, smashing the ceiling of what I thought my earning potential could be. Not only have I earned more in the past 6 months that in the past 8 years of business but my personal growth has been incredible and the nicest surprise. Vashti has not only helped me to recognise when my old thought patterns start creeping in but she has given me the skills to work through them. I can’t wait to see where the next 6 months with Vashti takes me.


Account Manager

Working with Vashti has helped me make huge steps in the right direction in both my personal and professional life in a relatively short period of time. This wouldn't of been possible without Vashti professional guidance. Working with Vashti is an integral part in gaining positive growth in all facets of my life.


L&D Administrator and Trainer

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Vashti as she is a good listener and supporter. She understands how to get to the core of my personal challenges and comes up with helpful advice and very clear approaches how to make change happen. Her suggestions on how to look at things that bother me help me a lot to move on and change my attitude. She supported me in focusing on being positive and kind to myself and motivated me to practise that. What I really liked about the coaching was that Vashti gave me the feeling to always be there when her advice is needed but at the same time she made me aware of my achievements which gave me more confidence.


National Business Partner

I decided to engage a Life Coach and the universe presented Vashti Harper to me! After (seriously) 1 session I had made outstanding progress not only in my personal life but also in my own business. I seriously thought that Vashti had some magical powers!!! Vashti gave me the tools that I needed to make my life even more perfect! Thank you Vashti - my life is so much better and its all thanks to you!



You don't think twice about going to the gym to work out physically but when do you work out mentally? Working with Vashti challenged me to think about what was important in my life and allow me to understand why. An uplifting, enlightening and thoroughly rewarding experience, thanks!

Sarah Rowan Dahl

Experiential Artist

Vashti Harper's wisdom and coaching has propelled my work and life further than I ever would have imagined. She brings a perspective to the table that I do not find in friendships or business seminars, that I have found vital to my life and HIGHLY recommend her to any company, small business, and individual.


Registered nurse

I was at a crossroads in my life, unsure of which direction to go in when my sister recommended me to see Vashti. I was unhappy with my job, felt like I was in a rut and felt I needed to make a change. Vashti to me was like a one stop shop, motivational speaker, coach, counsellor and psychologist all in one! Saved me $$$$!!! Vashti asked me all the right questions to help me find the answers I was looking for, giving me the tools to find contentment and fulfilment in my life. Thank you Vashti xxx


Executive Assistant at Career Crossroads

Before I started coaching with Vashti, I felt like I was grabbing at lots of different things in my life and not really landing onto anything concrete. I met Vashti at a group session she ran at The Collaborative in Maroubra. I gained so much from the group sessions we did that I decided I couldn’t not speak to her about what else we could do together. I instantly felt that Vashti got me and from spending time with her at The Collaborative I intuitively knew that she was the right person to help me, luckily she felt the same and we continued coaching together after the sessions ended. Having Vashti keep me in check is what I loved the most about our time together, I would enter a session feeling a certain way and the turnaround in just an hour was close to a miracle, I would leave feeling so differently about my current situation, 9 times out of 10 I was being too hard on myself. The way Vashti knew exactly how I operated and how to turn my thinking round was so inspiring, I can see without the sessions my thinking would have been on a total different path that would have been so detrimental to my mental wellbeing and decision making. I went through a lot of change leading up to meeting Vashti and throughout our time coaching together, without her support I know I would be on a different path to the one I am now, so I am forever thankful for everything I have learned and the tools I have taken with me. Coaching has opened up a lot of different doors for me to explore and I’m grateful for the experience Vashti and I had together. Big big big love to you Vashti, I know for certain we will work together again xxx


National Account Manager

When I met Vashti, I was sad and lacking direction in my career and personal life. Vashti helped me deal with the grief I thought was dealt with already after the death of my boyfriend. She is honest and real but also very empathetic and has her own experiences in life which really resonate with me. I was frustrated and unsure of where and what I wanted to be and do with work and Vashti brought me back to my feelings, my values and my beliefs and I could take a huge risk in changing jobs by looking at it from all sides. Vashti helps you put perspective into the situations you are dealing with day to day and even though you already know it, she has an uncanny ability to say the exact thing you need to hear when you need to hear it! I originally booked a one-month block of sessions and then did one of her weekend workshops, both were amazing and I just craved more. I booked the 6 month series of sessions and while coming to the end is sad, and certainly won’t be the end forever, I am able to reflect on where I was and where I have come to and admire my own abilities of change, my growth and personal development. Vashti also helped me most recently with a business strategy in my new role, which I was able to present to my team, very successfully. She really does have all the skills needed to coach anyone through their own muddy waters, be is personal or professional. A friend of mine commented recently when I said I had a life coach, that he thought it was cheating. I think he is right when everyone else is struggling to get on, I had Vashti pointing my head in the direction my own path lay. I could not be more grateful. Thank you Vashti,  I am truly winning at life!



When I started meeting Vashti, I had so many things I wanted to accomplish and no idea how to get started. I was disorganised and unfocused, and as a result not accomplishing anything. Vashti helped me take my ideas and goals and turn them into achievable tasks. By asking me a few questions, she worked out a way for me to organise my time at work and at home. I finished every session with her feeling hopeful and excited to start tackling my to-do list.  I've finished my sessions with Vashti for now, but she's left me with tools to keep going on my own, and advice that keeps me accountable and focused. Working with her was a revelation.


Executive Assistant

I was emerging from the haze of having a young family and felt lost. The kids were in school and I was back working full-time. But my identity felt unclear, what next, what do I want? Who am I now? And being a decade older than when I last truly asked these questions the urgency in finding answers felt overwhelming.
I had started to think about getting help with figuring out my path. And then I met Vashti before I even knew she was a life coach I found her shiny, animated and interesting. Then it all seemed to make sense, that I crossed her path right when I needed her coaching.
It felt like some twine was pulled at the start and throughout the coaching journey, it unravelled. At every session, I was surprised at how much had been unpacking itself in the background and felt empowered understanding what made me tick.  The thing that really impacted was working out what my values are, I didn't realise they were there and then when we worked it out it was like I had always known, they had been standing in the wings but I had not properly introduced myself to them.  And finally, as fate would have it, I had a tough year aside from my reason for seeking a coach. It felt like my hand was being held as I navigated through it.
After the deconstruction, I am now assembling the pieces for a future that I will drive into, not drift into. I feel focused and confident and a new peace within. I respect my story and myself and look forward to the adventure ahead! I feel empowered. I have clarity. Thank you Vashti! 


Started her own business

Through life coaching with Vashti I was able to clarify anything that felt clutter in my mind, visualise future goals, and believe that I could achieve and overcome all that life hands me. My very first sessions with Vashti was on a topic I had lost sleep over for many months prior, which was whether to go into business on my own or to work for someone else. After the first very powerful coaching session with Vashti's, I had made my decision and was shocked when that week I opened the local newspaper to find the very job, with the company of my choice being advertised. I applied immediately and got the job. Another area Vashti assisted me in was weight loss, by assisting with focusing my mind and by setting more short-term goals. Vashti has an amazing talent to allow you to identify patterns within yourself, tap into the past to see why these patterns have developed and move forward into the future with a new outlook and positive attitude. Vashti assisted me in every area of life such as love, relationships, career decisions, health, weight, state of mind, goals and visualisation. Since being coached by Vashti I have received positive results in all areas my life and am at a place today that I would never have dreamt I'd be without the coaching.


Career Crossroads

Working with Vashti was really effective. Very quickly she identified a pattern echoing through all my behaviour. As well as the key areas that were the source of this and manageable steps towards turning it around. Emotionally I do find this simple thing strangely challenging but that's mine to overcome. It's a journey, and Vashti opened my eyes to ways I am making it harder for myself. What I loved about the session was how practical it was. I walked away with a clear idea of what I am doing and how to make a positive and long-lasting change. I never saw it before. 


Beauty Salon Owner

I chose a Vashti as a Coach for life after meeting her through my business last year, I wasn’t aware of Vashti’s profession when I  first met her. I was a new business owner and struggling to find my feet, I had gone from working in the environment to then being the owner and the boss! Vashti put everything into perspective in very little time. I found I could talk freely and it was a weight off my shoulders. Later on, I found out about Vashti’s profession. It was great to speak to someone I trusted and a fellow business owner, not long after she became my Coach for life. I was feeling excited but nervous as I didn’t quite know what to expect, what questions she would throw at me and would I have the answers. I was completely wrong, my coaching sessions were so comfortable, we would meet down at beautiful Maroubra beach while enjoying a coffee, Vashti was able to simplify things for me, give me guidance and there were no scary questions, it was me talking freely about my worries, my goals, my life.  I received great guidance and advice, I was to deal with the situation in a logical matter instead of stressing myself out. I am still learning as a new business owner and taking each step and obstacle one at a time! Thank you, Vashti!!


Magazine Editor

At a crossroads in my working life, I wanted to explore what I really wanted to do next: Something that would have me leaping out of bed every day. I didn’t know where to start and having Vashti there to take me through the journey of discovery and self-discovery was invaluable. Without her, I would have gone round in circles, but instead, I had the help of someone who is trained to listen and see things you can’t see yourself so that you can get back on the right path. The right path for you. It’s like hiring a guide when you’re travelling – you learn so much more, get the inside story and discover things you’d never find on your own. I loved working with Vashti. She’s so easy to talk to, extremely skilled as a life coach and I left every session feeling positive and inspired.


Career Crossroads

Dear Vashti, I want to thank you for all the great shifts I have created in our sessions together thanks to your great coaching. You were always there for me, asked great questions that really changed my perspective on whatever the subject was and I always felt I could say anything that would come to mind. You start every session with pointing out it is a judgement free zone and you absolutely make it that way! You have amazing skills and are an awesome coach! After every session, I had found more strength, energy and ways or options to do what I wasn’t doing before our sessions together. And all of that thanks to your Vashti! The knowledge you shared with me was priceless and I always felt I was a unique and special person to you. The fact that you created that space was priceless to me! Thanks again for that. The biggest things I gained from our sessions were that everything I do is a choice and an enormous level of awareness. Having those things has really opened up my belief in me and in my possibilities. I  truly recommend you to everyone who is looking for an awesome coach who really can make a difference to your life, who is very inspirational, utterly sincere and available to her clients for the full 100%! Vashti, thanks again for all you have pointed out to me in your gentle and knowledgeable way. I think you are the best.


Executive Assistant

I have had the pleasure of working with Vashti for the last year and a half at PricewaterhouseCoopers. During this time we were just work colleagues and frequently spoke on a casual basis. A few months ago I was going through a change in my work area which put a lot of stress on me personally and Vashti noticed this in me and approached me if she could practice some coaching/counselling skills on me because of my situation. I had no hesitation in taking her up on her offer I felt she was extremely trustworthy and felt at ease going through concerns with her. It is sometimes a risk to open up to people in the workplace as information can get around quickly in the wrong hands, however, I felt that I could trust Vashti that this would never happen. We meet weekly and discussed work issues at length with Vashti never instructing, just prompting me to pinpoint areas and look for solutions. She has never inflicted her opinions or views on me just always listening and exploring core issues and concerns. I found my conversations with her a fantastic sounding board and as result, I have transferred to a different department within my firm. I didn’t have to look for other employment (which would have been a major stress). I found Vashti to be a very warm and giving individual that has a very caring attitude towards people. Our ‘sessions’ together were a great benefit to me and I would recommend Vashti without hesitation.