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Our harshest critic

Life is what happens
September 27, 2018

We’re always our own harshest critics, so quick to put ourselves down and then give ourselves a good kick while we’re there, vulnerable and helpless on the floor.

What’s that all about???

When we’re not feeling good about ourselves, it’s pretty difficult for us to accept that anyone else can see anything worthwhile in us either.

Even when people serve us up delicious compliments, we reject them quickly with a firm rebuke like a Paleo eater recoiling from a Donut.

My recommendation?

Take the compliment, say ‘Thank you’ and mean it. Store them up for a rainy day. Believe them.

Then, start to compliment yourself. Don’t raise your eyes up and tut! I saw you!

Do it! Instead of giving yourself a hard time and beating yourself up, practice encouraging yourself instead. Be kind to yourself. Be your own best friend. Believe me, it’s a much nicer headspace to be in!

Then one day a perfect stranger may stop you in the street and tell you from their heart how beautiful they think you are from your toes to your head, that they feel honoured to have seen you on this day and that you are an Angel on this earth to bring joy to other people. And then… you will be able to stop, listen, say thank you and mean it and have a huge smile on your face, just like I did this week 😉

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