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September 17, 2018
September 27, 2018

Live happily ever after

Many of us browsing through this delightful blog have been brought up watching Disney movies as kids. We all loved the fairy tale magical endings where everyone always gets rescued, and you gallop off into the sunset on a white horse with your Prince or Princess Charming, not Pyscho, Alcoholic or Emotionally Unstable, to live happily ever after in a castle. Wonderful! Except real life rarely turns out like that (apart from for our own dear Princess Mary) and it can leave us feeling well, a little disappointed.

If you’re sick of kissing frogs, feeling you look like an ugly sister and are nowhere near being able to afford your own castle in Sydney it may be time to re-assess the dream and your role in it.

Most of us had a dream of how we thought life would turn out when we were all grown up. We would fantasise about that fairy-tale ending that comes to us oh-so-easily, but most people don’t really do much about it, or, they try for a while and give up. The thing is, before we get to that happy ending in the movie there have been hundreds of scenes before. Each scene has its actors playing their part, the scenes all have to happen in sequence with the story unfolding as we go.

Now, imagine yourself as the lead actor in the story of your life. As the great bard Shakespeare himself said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” How are you showing up and playing your role? Are you doing a great job being who you need to be, or, if you were the Director instead and had control would you be screaming out “CUT!!!”

How we choose to show up every day in whatever role we’re playing has an impact on our experiences and our lives. Choosing to view yourself as the Director of the film of your life can really shift your results. As the Director you look at the big picture, the overall result that you want to achieve and you take action and give instructions accordingly. As the Actor you focus on the scene you’re in, stuck right there in the middle of the drama and maybe repeating it over and over again until you can get it right.

Think again now about what you want from life, your own personal version of the fairy tale ending. Who do you need to be to get there? What kind of role do you need to play to get those results? The secret, which is not really a secret at all because I’m telling you right now, is that to achieve a goal you need to take regular action and be consistent. Remember, that before you get to that magical firework filled finale, you too are going to have to play out 100’s of action taking scenes before you can gallop off on your white horse with your Prince/ss towards your castle. Or maybe your 2 bedroom flat in Hillsdale.

If you had to direct YOU in a movie of your life, what would you tell you to do differently? How would you act? Would you want to be more: focussed, organised, confident, creative, disciplined, on time, healthy eating, imaginative, open, honest, responsible, proactive, or a go-getter?


Would you take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

Whatever it is for you, remember, YOU are responsible for how you show up in your life. Step back from acting out the drama and become the Director. Take charge of the action, BE the person you need to be to get to that magical ending. Then, you too, Cinderella, can go to the Ball. Just make sure you’re back before midnight…..