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Dealing with the storm clouds

September 27, 2018
Life is what happens
September 27, 2018

One of the biggest challenges that I find amongst my clients is dealing with the ever-fluctuating rhythms of moods and emotions. Something that I believe is common to all of us.

One day you can be feeling fine, upbeat and positive and then before you know it, something happens and BAM! You’re plunged back into the feelings of worry, despair, anger, self-hating and the most distracting of all FEAR.

Well, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this. It happens to the best of us! (and the worst too!) I call this mental state getting caught up in the storm clouds, as I visualise a big swirling mass taking over and blocking out the light in your mind. Sound familiar?

So, what happens to us when we fall into this state? Normally there is a trigger, an incident, or event that causes us to ‘forget’ our natural state of ‘being’ and tumble headlong into the storm where we get caught and swirled up in our dramas (or commonly that of other peoples) we lose control of our thoughts and allow the mind to carry us away into our own personal dilemma.

This ‘storm cloud’ state will last as long as it takes you to ‘remember’ again. This may be a fleeting moment that passes by briefly like a cloud across the sun. But, more commonly for most people who are still learning, this may last for hours, days, weeks or even months.

It can affect our health and weight, as we tend to comfort eat to distract ourselves from the feelings, our work, as we lose our focus, dwelling on our problems, our relationships, as we blame, or pull back emotionally from loved ones and friends and also impacts our general well-being. Storms can wreak a lot of damage!

So when you ‘forget’ and fall into a storm cloud, how do you ‘remember’ and bring yourself out again? Well, I’d like to remind you again, that you are not alone in this behaviour! My belief is that we are here to learn lessons so that we may evolve and grow and the storm clouds are all part of this.

Our natural state of ‘being’ means to ‘BE’.

To be present, to be aware of the moment that you are in right NOW. In this state of ‘being’, we are calm, we are in focus and we are ‘present’ at the moment. Why? Because when we are focussed and present in the NOW, we are not looking back at the past and feeling experiences that have happened and bringing them to the now, and we are not looking to the future, creating scenarios that do not yet exist, out of fear or expectation. Therefore, at that moment, we are FREE from the storm cloud and we are ‘remembering’ to BE.

One of the simplest ways to bring your attention back to the NOW and this probably isn’t news to you is to focus on your breath.

FEEL it going in and out of your body, place your attention on this gentle natural rhythm and slowly expand your awareness out into your body, then your surrounding area. Repeat this as many times as necessary during the day. The beauty of this practice is, that a little like pelvic floor exercises (sorry gentleman) you can do it anywhere, anytime and no one except you will know!