Live happily ever after
September 27, 2018
Dealing with the storm clouds
September 27, 2018


Think about all the choices you make every day. Whether it’s what to watch on TV, what to eat, whether to go to a Cafe or cook, whether to talk to the person at the bus stop, what mood you show up in at work, the daily list is endless. What you probably don’t realise, is that we do all this, subconsciously.

‘’What’s wrong with that?” I hear you ask.

Well, I’m glad you asked, ‘cos here’s the thing. Our current thoughts and actions are based on our belief systems that we’ve created from our life experiences as far back as childhood. And as we all know, sometimes Life can kick us in the butt and deliver what we perceive to be ‘bad’ experiences. What happens then, is that we go through life dragging them along behind us like a bad waft from a garbage truck.

When we’re presented with new situations, or it may be a similar situation repeating itself, we go back into the memory bag, pull out the experience and attach to the one were having now, and make current choices based on our FEAR or ‘bad’ experience from the past.

The other thing us weird little pea brained humans like doing, is mentally wandering off into the future and creating scenarios that don’t yet exist of everything that could go wrong. What this means is that we end up becoming stuck, unable to move forward as we’re either attached to the past, or we’ve convinced ourselves of a future that doesn’t work out. (Told you we were weird little humans)

So what’s the remedy for our weird human behaviour? It’s really quite simple; choose your thoughts from a place of LOVE that supports you being who you really want to be. And take action from a place of LOVE that moves you in the direction that you really want to go in.

Be aware of your self talk and all the excuses that come up when you want to do something i.e.:” I want to get fit, BUT I don’t have time to exercise”. Rubbish! This comes from fear of moving forward and doing something different and becoming who you REALLY want to be, which is fit and healthy. So choose your thoughts and self talk wisely to support you, like, ‘I have 24 hours in every day, I can easily MAKE time to exercise” See the difference?

Instead of believing the excuses you tell yourself from fear of change, simply choose to focus on thoughts that support you in moving forward towards your goals and dreams. Take actions based on where you are NOW and the resources you have NOW, don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect, because that’s just another excuse that keeps you stuck. Speak to yourself kindly and with the same encouragement that you would give your best friend or a child.

Now, surely that makes sense, even to a pea brained weird little human?